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Coaching Culture

At Coaching by Invisio we believe a coaching culture is crucial to delivering results, improving performance and making the most of people’s potential.

About Coaching Culture

What if there was one thing that you could do that truly had the potential to transform your people and your organisation? There is one thing, it is powerful, it works and we have the evidence to prove it!

Is your organisation seeking to maximise ways to:

  • Improve performance
  • Enhance Retention
  • Unlock discretionary effort?

With Coaching by Invisio embed a Coaching Culture in your organisation that supports strategy and develops a more engaged and energized workforce to transform the capabilities of your organisation.

There is increasing recognition that developing a coaching culture is not only beneficial to individuals working in the organisation but that it can lead to improved organisational performance.

Build your organisations Coaching Culture

Coaching by Invisio enables you to develop a Coaching Culture in your organisation. A coaching culture goes beyond individual and Team coaching. It’s an always on style of leadership, and a belief system that become the “way we do things around here”

We can help you no matter where you are on your journey, and we can get you going quickly and impactfully until you can confidently say coaching has become the norm.

Our bespoke approach supports the development of a coaching culture within your organisation and the mechanisms to ensure that this approach thrives.

We help you develop your internal coaching capability by training and developing Internal coaches to drive adaptation and innovation and ensure long term sustainable success. The stages towards the development of a coaching culture are as follows:

Why develop a Coaching Culture?

Work patterns are changing. Traditional job norms are being broken down and individuals want to have their voices and their contribution recognised.

Learning and development plays a huge part in the engagement and retention of employees. The International Coaching federation reported recently that:

  • 83% of employees who took part in coaching reported greater loyalty and commitment to their organisation.
  • 80% reported that they had improved self-confidence and better workplace relationships
  • 70% said they took greater responsibility after the coaching intervention

Learning and development through coaching specifically fosters an enhanced ability at all leadership levels to innovate, to be agile in approach and to cope with change.

We love old fashioned phone calls. Contact us today and find out how Coaching by Invisio can help you develop a Coaching Culture to support the continued success of your organisation.


We’ve been working with Invisio over a number of years to embed a coaching culture across the whole, global organisation. Invisio has supported us to develop more than 50 internal coaches as well as embedding coaching into our ways of working across the business. One of the interesting impacts we have experienced is better ROI, training plus coaching is so much more effective than training on its own. We have experienced profound changes in the way people feel, think and act in themselves and their impact and influence on others.

Veronica van der Hoeven, MUFG, Managing Director, People Strategy at MUFG Investor Services

Case Study


  • Our Client: A well-known major player in Financial services employing 1000 people globally.
  • The Objective: The client came to us with a problem centred around the readiness of their leadership teams, at all levels, to deliver on the business strategy by engaging and retaining their talent; given how the business had developed, future development plans and the changing nature of and expectations of the global workforce.
  • The main concern was the need to distribute leadership throughout the business and reduce the concentration of leadership around the senior teams.


  • As part of our work over the years we had coached 50+ leaders in the business. This led to the commitment of the leadership team to build a coaching culture across the business in a way that was sustainable and driven and resourced from inside the business.
  • Over 3 years we worked with the business to develop a coaching culture as the foundation of leadership and beyond, at ever level.
  • We developed a practical, short coaching programme to develop internal coaches and supported these through their development and application. To date we have developed 80+ internal coaches, who work to a customised coaching programme, each taking on one coaching client, from a different team, every 6 months.
  • This has since expanded to incorporating a coaching approach to all development programmes e.g. performance management, succession planning, career conversations, team and one to one meetings and people manager, development and leadership courses.
  • Coaching has been integrated into all HR policies and procedures. It is continuing to become ‘the way we do things around here’
  • External executive coaching has continued, through coaching by Invisio, at a senior leadership level to support the overall coaching culture

Follow Up

  • As a result of the success of this coaching culture journey, and to enable the ongoing sustainability of this, Inviso has worked with the client to develop internal capabilities to run the coaching development programme, and now support that team (mainly HR), to develop and support internal coaches
  • Recently the outgoing CEO commented to Invisio that the development of this coaching culture has been transformational for the business in enabling its leaders to grow the business and has made his job a lot less stressful.


  • How did our intervention impact on the client’s business?
    • A significant shift from centralised to distributed leadership
    • A more attractive environment for younger generations who expect to be coached
    • A more robust business in which everyone is encouraged and enabled to coach and develop others, including peers, to enhance distributed knowledge and skills
    • An impact on key business performance metric
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