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One to One Coaching

The underpinning philosophy of Coaching by Invisio is that you already have the answers you need, and we can help you unlock them.

About One to One Coaching

Do you want to accelerate the performance of key individuals in your organisation?

  • Are you an organisation that needs to unleash the potential of your people?
  • Or are you a leader who is operating in a challenging environment who needs a different perspective and guidance
  • Does your organisation want to avoid the significant costs of replacing key people in your organisation?

What is Transformational One to One coaching

Transformational One to One Coaching by Invisio unleashes the potential of individuals in your organisation to deliver exceptional results. The objectives of the Transformational One to One coaching engagement are set by the coaching recipient and their manager on areas that could include communication, decision making, leadership skills, goal setting and goal achievement and a typical 6-month engagement works towards the realisation of those objectives.

Invisio’s Certified coaches can help you build your leadership skills, transform your organization, and engage your market more effectively. We offer Transformational One to One coaching that uncovers blocks, reduces stress, keeps you or your people moving forward, faster and to view their circumstances from a different perspective. We provide expert, tailored advice to help you to achieve rapid and sustained growth.

Client Engagement

Sustainable change is our aim, and this takes time, hence we work with our coaching clients to set the agenda and agree objectives for the coaching with the Coach and their manager. But we go beyond transactional coaching i.e. a narrow focus on the specific objectives of the coachee.

Transformational coaching is the Invisio way, where we look beyond ‘doing’ to ‘being’. We don’t just focus on resolving the current development need or taking advantage of the current opportunity. We aim to leave the coachee with an expanded or shifted way of being, where they consciously choose how to be and question who they need to be to achieve their and yours higher order goals.

Our Coaches go below the surface and enable the coachee to immerse themselves in self- exploration. We start with transaction (delivering on the specific objectives) and go deeper to enable transformation then work together to deliver these objectives during 6 sessions over a 6- month period which includes the relevant diagnostics and self-awareness tools such as psychometric test and 360 feedback.

Talk to a member of the Invisio team today about how we can help you achieve the results you want and how we can provide expert support in areas such as:

  • High Potential Accelerated Coaching
  • Leadership Transition Coaching
  • Navigating Change Coaching
  • Skills development coaching e.g. communication, delegation, presence & confidence
  • Wellbeing, including; stress, Burnout, Loss, Non-violent communication and overall wellbeing and mental Health for individuals & remote teams

We love old fashioned phone calls. Contact us today and find out how Coaching by Invisio can help you transform the capabilities of individuals in your organisation to deliver exceptional results.

Case Study


  • Our client: A mid-sized construction management company
  • The objective: The company is run by two principals who wanted to set the future direction for the company, consolidate what they do well and plan to expand the business through their people and focus on the areas of business development, leadership, defining and enabling strategy and people management.


  • The initial executive coaching engagement was for a 6-month period through executive coaching to develop their business and its people. We worked with the principals both together and separately at different stages depending on the need. As part of this process the principals identified, discussed and agreed their future strategy in a facilitated and structured way, explored their personal impact on the implementation of the strategy and planned around this, increased their self and team awareness and developed and started to implement a people plan to support the strategy. As part of this process Invisio developed the principals to become their own coaches and continued to be involved in the business on an on-going basis.

Follow Up

  • Since then Invisio stayed involved as the structure built out and went on to deliver executive coaching, as part of their succession planning, to 3 of the existing team who were appointed as directors in the business. Like the principals, they too had grown with the business and the leadership role was new to them.


  • How did our intervention impact on the client’s business?
    • A more strategic approach to business development
    • A focus on the enablers of strategy, in particular defining and enabling the desired ways of working to support the achievement of strategy
    • The development of individuals to lead the business as well as career tracks to become an attractive employer and enable continued growth. Better succession planning.
    • The business has now grown to be a significant player on the Irish market as well as growing its footprint internationally. It has maintained and built its strong reputation and brand and is attracting strong talent to enable its continued growth.
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